My only career has been as a Realtor and Real Estate Broker, which began just prior to my military active duty tour in the USAF was ending when I was 25 years old.

My first 8 years in business were spent in Glendale, CA where I averaged 50 or so sales a year, and, where I met a Senior Executive Vice President of what was the largest small builder/financier in the country, who, after I successfully completed a purchase for them, that they were not able to do on their own , asked me if I would be interested in forming a partnership with him in a new venture he was creating to build and sell new homes throughout California.

The result of this new partnership was that his company built thousands of new homes that I, through my company marketed and sold over the next 14 years. Unfortunately, our partnership ended when a major countrywide recession ensued, forcing him and many other developers to close their doors.

Fortunately for me, I had a successful real estate and mortgage company to rely upon that I have operated ever since, and with which I offer you my services.

As a result of my successful career, I recently authored a book to assist sellers, perhaps like you, in how to successfully sell their properties, as it has become quite clear to me that most sellers do not know how to do so.

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